Come And Take It Keyboard T-Shirt

T-Shirt Description, Details & Fit (EXPAND ↓)
T-Shirt Description, Details & Fit (EXPAND ↓)
COME AND TAKE IT. Actually don't... Can't we all just be free and get along?

Whether you're a writer, a blogger, a survivalist, or just a regular person who surfs the web you probably know someone who (or maybe even you personally) who keeps their tinfoil hat the shiniest in order to keep their brain waves inside and reflect all the government's mind control / mind reading technology. You know, the type of person who thinks any day now "THEY" are coming to confiscate our guns and throw us into FEMA concentration camps. Who knows though, maybe sooner or later the joke will be on those of us who are care-free? They can take my keyboard, but they'll never take my thoughts! Wellllllll, come to think of it I may have saw a documentary about how they actually CAN now take the latter... we're screwed.

Environmentally friendly screen printing on American Apparel brand (Made In Downtown Los Angeles, CA) 50/25/25 poly-cotton-rayon blend shirts.
American Apparel brand shirts have a fashionable cut to them. If you like your shirts loose fitting, it is recommended that you order one size bigger than you normally would in a different brand.