AR-15 Builders Club T-Shirt

T-Shirt Description, Details & Fit (EXPAND ↓)
T-Shirt Description, Details & Fit (EXPAND ↓)
The AR-15 Builders Club. Admission? Build your own complete AR-15 rifle from parts. Since 1963 when the Colt first made the AR-15 available to the American public, people have been building their way to happiness. Pictured are the popular tools and aids used to build a complete AR-15 rifle. Upper and Lower receiver blocks, a vise, needle nose pliers, snap ring pliers, tape, a couple of drift punches, torque wrench, screw driver, mallet, lubricant, grease, AR-15 combo wrench, and tape so you don't mar the finish. Those that choose to embark on the building process can definitely get away with less than what's pictured, or even use a variation of different tools.

A soft pre-shrunk 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester blend.


The shirts have a fashionable cut to them. If you like your shirts loose fitting, it is recommended that you order one size bigger than you normally would in a different brand.